Sagittite is a leading brand in the world of powder metallurgy and has gained an enviable position in the market place. Developed and researched over many years by Geoff Archer CENG, MPhil, FIMMM Technical Director.

The Sagittite range of products is derived from high grade nickel based powder alloys which when processed offer high wear and corrosion resistant properties.

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The Sagittite family of materials; Sagittite 5, 10, 15 and 20 have been developed to meet specific applications and can be utilised in an ever growing, cross section of industries.

The on going research into this field will see Sagittite 25 added to the product range during 2014.

The full table of Sagittite grades and their properties can be downloaded here.

Ni - Nickel - 28

Our unique range of powder metallurgy nickel based alloys are targeted at corrosion, erosion and wear at elevated temperature.

  • Created for food, pharmaceutical and industrial extruders, the petrochemical industry and other broader industrial applications.
  • Standard ranges of nickel-based materials are also available as monolithic material or as complex functionally structured materials through surface thickness layers.

Fe - Ferrous - 2+

Our ferrous alloys are tailored to the final application, targeted at providing optimum component performance.

  • Suitable for high end automotive and aerospace applications as well as extruder application.
  • Superior corrosion/erosion and abrasion resistance as well as improved strength, fatigue life and wear resistance.
  • Bespoke components are also produced with fibre reinforcement to yield increased stiffness and lightness.
  • We can provide materials as bar stock, in addition to manufacturing individual components to Net-shape and Near-Net-Shape.

Ti - Titanium - 22

AIMS has developed a range of titanium alloys and composites which can be manufactured to Near-Net-Shape form, as well as billet or block components.

  • It is also possible to strengthen the alloy with reinforcements of varying volumes to give a range of mechanical properties to suit customer requirements.
  • Titanium components are targeted at the aerospace, medical and defence industries, as well as the high-end automotive industry.

Al - Aluminium - 13

AIMS specialises in high quality aluminium alloys with fine grain structures and high fatigue strengths.­

  • Our superior quality alloys target a wide range of applications including the high performance automotive industry and aerospace.
  • These materials are produced in short bar stock and billet form. Pre-worked and heat treated components are also available.
  • We also offer specific bespoke aluminium alloys including particulate metal matrix composites and fibre-reinforced products.